The Kids Guide to (In & Around) Sayulita

After what feels like a very long time, the new Kids Guide to (In and Around) Sayulita is set to be printed and will be available for sale.

This guide is in response to the numerous times I get asked what there is to do for kids in the area. Since I am in contact with many families throughout the year, delivering baby gear rental, the inevitable question always comes up. And I get it. Whenever I go travel, my first google search is- What to do with kids in ....? So, here you have it. A handy guide that will get you started with some great beach spots, some outdoor and nature activities, even things to do if its raining outside. It is just enough to fill up your week, and keep the kids occupied.

If anyone is interested, please shoot me an email. I plan to have it in print form and eventually a pdf that you can download. 

Thanks for the support!