Sayulita Summer Days

When summer arrives to Sayulita, there is only one thing we all think about- where to get in some water. Our options are fortunately varied, as we live right on the Pacific ocean and have dozens of gorgeous beaches accessible to us. Our newest quest has been where to find fresh water, as rivers and lakes prove to be so much more cool and refreshing and leave us feeling purified and clean afterwards.


As the summer starts creeping its way into our lives, there are about 8 families that have religiously been making a pilgrimage up to Laguna Santa Maria del Oro. This is a crater lake up in the higher altitudes of our state, Nayarit. From Sayulita its about a 3 hour drive, and we go for a full weekend to take complete advantage of having several nights to campout and almost three full days of lake time. This lake is special for many of us Sayulita families, as our kids have spent every year reconnecting with it's clean waters, swimming and frolicking care free. Each year we seem to add on a new activity which gives them even more access to the waters. The first year, they mostly jumped off  a dock that was right off the campground. The next year, the bigger kids got into fishing, sporting lines and bait that kept them entertained for hours but rarely got a catch. Then we introduced the kayaks and paddle boards. The ultimate was what we call the "floating island" which was the largest inflatable raft we could find, that we tethered to a submerged post, and the kids could swim and jump and lounge and play all day on it. 

Over the last couple years, we became privy to some secret river spots which when we motivate to head out to them, we always finish our day enchanted and recharged. One of the closest to Sayulita, takes us through pineapple fields, heading towards the Sierra mountains, until we look for the parking spot that signifies where we get in the river. The water is cool and delightful, and last time we went, the river had risen so that it created a strong flow and the kids were wave surfing on their boogies against the current. It was a bit scary and took me a minute to feel comfortable as their little bodies catapulted down river with the force of the rushing water. 

Another secret spot even closer to home is one that is ephemeral in the heavy rains of summer. From the jungle sprouts a clean and clear river running straight into the ocean. It doesn't get too deep, but has a swift flow so that even the little dudes can float on the boogie boards with not too much worry. 

What I mostly love about our summer days at the beach, river or lake, is watching my kids and my friend's kids play. Its the true, carefree play of children in nature, creating fun from what is there. It may be splashing and floating the water, or building a sand castle, or collecting sticks, but it is all about being in the moment and experiencing the natural elements as their toys. This is when I feel I have given my kids the best life can offer.